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How To Use KALEIDOSOAPS Products

How To Use KALEIDOSOAPS Products

Whether your sinking into a colorful luxurious Bath or singing K-POP Karaoke in the Shower we have quite the handful of treats for you to indulge yourself with.

Each one of our creations are scented with nature's most exquisite essential oils to soften skin and awaken your senses. Leave your #SelfCare ritual with gently scented skin and a relaxed mind. 

Bath Bombs

How to use bath bombs

- Fill your bathtub with warm or cool water, then drop your Bath Bomb in and enjoy the color show!

Bubble Bars

Skip the unnecessary traditional plastic bubble bath packaging with our solid Bubble Bars for glamorous Hollywood-style mountains of bubbles. 

How to use bubble bars

- Crumble your bubble bar under running water as you’re filling your tub, then give your bath water a big swishes to make extra mounds of bubbles.
- If you are feeling luxurious you can use a whole bubble bar for one bath or you can  break up larger bubble bars like The Dark Hearts for more bubbly baths.


Shower Jellies

There has never been a more fun and pleasureful way to cleanse your skin! Our mineral-rich, skin softening Shower Jellies are a fan-favorite of our Bathing Babes.  Made with Carrageenan Seaweed this Jello-like soap lathers beautifuly for gentle cleanse that won't overstrip skin. 

How to use Shower Jellies

-Wet your jelly and lather directly onto your skin, or pinch off a piece to use in a loofah. Rinse clean and towel pat dry. 

-Cut up into single use cubes

-Mix cubes into running bath water to make a heavenly bubble bath.

Solid Shower Oil

This innovative in-shower hydration experience leaves skin mega hydrated and feeling touchable-y soft! Formulated with nothing but the highest quality fair-trade oils from botanical hotspots around the world gives skin a nourishing and protective layer of hydration.

How to use Solid Shower Oils

 After washing up in the shower or bath, massage Solid Shower Oil bar on your body creating a subtle creamy white oil "lather". Allow to sit on skin for 1-2 minutes, rinse and pat towel dry. Skin will be left with an non-greasy, light-lotion-like hydration.

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