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Clean Hair Care

What do you gift someone who has it all? Good Hair Care... Obviously!

From fine tussled tresses who need a lift to a curly mane in need of moisture our curated collection of #plasticfree Solid Shampoo Bars and Conditioners will help you find the magical match for your hair hair needs, or anyone else on your shopping list. We skipped the plastic bottle and created a travel friendly Solid Shampoo Bar that offers a new and convenient way to wash your hair without the need for synthetic preservatives or clumsy packaging. 

Clean Ingredients.

We searched high and low to find natural botanical oils to do the hard work and eliminate the muss and fuss of good hair-keeping. Get lustrous shine from Lemon & Coconut Oils in our  Time To Shine Solid Shampoo Bar for all-day brilliance, perfect for dull or dry hair. This light weight combo will give your strands a subtle lightweight glow that won't weigh hair down. Another fine-hair-favorite is Tangerine Avocado Formulated to gently cleanse & nourish with Avocado Oil while Tangerine Oil lifts roots for light volume.

If volume or texture is your jam then you need to stock up on a few bars of Sea My Salt. Arame Seaweed and Sea Salt give hair that coveted "day at the beach" textured volume without the need of additional styling products. Speaking of the beach, we donate 10% of the sales from Sea My Salt or any of our other BLUE Collection products to our Clean Ocean Initiative partners. Feel good knowing that your shampooing with a conscience, skipping the bottled packaging and keeping our Oceans free of debris.

Humidity has no chance in standing up to hair that has been managed with Avocado & Olive Oils from our Roman Solid Shampoo. Inspired by the Roman Oil Baths we combined Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, Rosewood and Carnation Petals to naturally cleanse hair of build up without stripping. When hair is naturally hydrated locks will stay in place keeping frizz at bay. Need some intense hydration? Lather up up Karmatic and give your scalp a good massage laced with a duo of nourishing Olive & Orange Oils for all day moisture that lasts well past you bedtime. 

Follow your cleansing routine with some mane taming Nourish Me Solid Conditioner. Organic Mango Butter and Avocado oil control frizz even on the most humid days. Violet, Bay Leaf & Geranium Leaf sooth dry scalp and decompress your mind for a day of tranquility.

Keeping hair care simple, clean and free of fillers lets us focus on ingredients in their most nature state that celebrate your hair's integrity!

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