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Amethyst Body Soap from KALEIDOSOAPS


Beautiful Blue Bath Bomb from KALEIDOSOAPS Called Atlas
Blue, Yellow, & Pink Bath Art Swirls from Atlas Bath Bomb


Green Avocado Bath Bomb from KALEIDOSOAPS
Magenta and Green Bath Art from Avocuddle Bath Bomb in a tub with plants surrounding it.




Kaleidosoaps Black Star Perfume Oil Deluxe Sample Vial
Black Star Oil Perfume Bottle with Holographic Label in purple bath water

Back Star Oil Perfume | Deluxe 3ml Sample

Wooden Bamboo Bath Caddy to rest your favorite items on while bathing

Bamboo Bath Caddy

Bat-time Bath Bomb that is shaped like a small black vampire bat.
Neon Yellow and Black foamy bathart from Bat-time Bath Bomb


Bath Light from KALEIDOSOAPS with 12 different colors. Remote Controlled & Submersible
Bath Light from KALEIDOSOAPS

Bath Light - Remote Controlled / Submersible

White Submersible LED Bath Light Duo from KALEIDOSOAPS

Bath Light Duo

Bergen Solid Shower Oil from KALEIDOSOAPS
Green Solid Shower Oil


White and black Ghost Shaped Bath Bomb called bippity boppity boo.
Purple and white swirly bath art from ghost shaped Bippity Boppity BOO Bath Bomb

Bippity Boppity BOO

Black Detoxifying Charcoal Konjac Sponge from KALEIDOSOAPS. Great for cleansing skin.

Black Detoxifying Charcoal - Konjac Sponge

Black Star Liquid Shower Gel
Hand covered in black star shower gel holding the bottle

Black Star


Black Star Oil Perfume

$39.95   $19.95

Black Star Wax Melts | Limited Edition

Buddha's Charm Shower Gel Bottle Floating in Pink Bath Water

Buddha's Charm


Chipres ll

Cleo Bath Bomb Melt shaped like a silver crystal ball with a purple soap soap base
Glittery Crystal Ball Bath Bomb

Cleo | Limited Edition

Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb
Rainbow bubbles from cloud 9 bath bomb.

Cloud 9

Coconut Blonde shower jelly being floating on the surface of a pink bath

Coconut Blonde


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