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green tear drop shaped solid shower oil being rubbed on the leg of a female with a bubble bee tattoo while laying in a bath tub of blue water.


Keep your body smooth and touchable with these nourishing moisturizers.

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Purple Paisley Shaped Solid Shower Oil Bar with Gold Leaf in orange bath water.

Willie Tonka & The Golden Ticket

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Nebula Body Soap
Hand holding nebula body soap that looks like a star filled galaxy over the surface of blue bubble bath.


Bergen Solid Shower Oil from KALEIDOSOAPS
Green Solid Shower Oil


Honey Hive Solid Shower Oil
a pile of Hive Solid Shower Oils stacked on top of each other.


Amethyst Body Soap from KALEIDOSOAPS


Pink heart shaped soap scented with citrusy kumquat
pink sweet heart shaped soap floating on the surface of a lilac purple bubble bath.

Sweet Heart

Jade Body Soap
Hand holding jade green and white swirled body soap with bubbly lather.

Jade | Limited Edition


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