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Your #SelfCare Destination

Your #SelfCare Destination


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Brilliant Blue, White & Sea Green Bath Bomb Called Kelp the Ocean from KALEIDOSOAPS
Ocean blue bath water with small kelp pieces floating in the tub

Kelp the Ocean

Deep Space Bath Bomb
Deep Space bath bomb with purple, blue, pink, and yellow foamy bath art.

Deep Space

Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb
Rainbow bubbles from cloud 9 bath bomb.

Cloud 9

Green Avocado Bath Bomb from KALEIDOSOAPS
Magenta and Green Bath Art from Avocuddle Bath Bomb in a tub with plants surrounding it.


Kiss Kiss Bath Bomb
Kiss Kiss lips shaped Bath Bomb floating on the surface of a pink bubble bath.

Kiss Kiss

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Fuchsia & purple Rose Bubble Bar from KALEIDOSOAPS
Pink bubbles from Rose tango bubble bar

Rose Tango

Purple and Blue Flower Shaped Bath Bomb from KALEIDOSOAPS
Blue and purple shaped bath bomb floating in a foamy blue bubble bath.

May Day

Beautiful Blue Bath Bomb from KALEIDOSOAPS Called Atlas
Blue, Yellow, & Pink Bath Art Swirls from Atlas Bath Bomb


Black Hearts Bubble Bar from KALEIDOSOAPS
spooky bloody hands holding a black glittery heart shaped bubble bar with a red rose center.

The Dark Hearts

Shower Jelly from Kaleidosoaps called Sea Glass
brilliant blue sea glass shower jelly soap in a orange bath.

Sea Glass

Save Water, Shower With Me Shower Jelly from KALEIDOSOAPS
Shimmery Black and purple shower jelly soap in blue bath water.

Save Water, Shower With Me

$14.95   $7.95
Gold Father Bath Bomb from KALEIDOSOAPS
Neon Pink, Yellow & Blue Bath Art from Gold Father Bath Bomb

Gold Father

Blue Dinosaur Egg shaped Bath Bomb
Yellow and animal sponges from Dino Egg Bath Bomb floating in a bubble bath.

Dino Egg


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