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Experience all the power that your shower has to offer with this trio set of 3 full-size Shower Gels. These luxurious botanically infused Gels lather beautifully to cleanse skin without over stripping and turn your shower routine into a glorious aromatherapy experience. This trio set includes:

Buddha's Charm

Buddha's Charm Shower Gel

 One whiff is all it takes to experience complete enlightenment. A "Zen-Blend" of Yuzu, Honey* & Plum Oils give this uplifting Liquid Shower Gel it's happy scent while infusions of Chamomile, Ginseng, and hydrating Babasu keep your skin centered and balanced. 

 *Faux Honey essence adds the delicate scent without taking from nature



Retrograde Shower Gel

   Mercury doesn't have to be stationed in retrograde for you to enjoy this magical shower gel. Creamy Retrograde Shower Gel grounds your mind with earthy Petitgrain, sweet Madagascar Black Pepper, & Chrysanthemum. White Sage infusion and crushed Amethyst Crystal powder cleanse you of negativity for good vibes only. 

Minted Kelp

Minted Kelp Shower Gel


 Experience an energizing undertow of Agave Nectar, Sea Kelp, subtle Peppermint with this unique Shower Gel(ee). Three skin nourishing Seaweeds refresh your body, soothing irritation & dryness. This liquid shower gel/jelly hybrid's beautiful deep blue hue comes from the all-natural Jagua Extract.

*If you are a fan of our iconic Sea Glass Shower Jelly, you will be GEL-OUS of this Shower Gel's aquatic scent!

 How to use: Take it all off! Jump under the shower tap and massage all over that lovable body. Rinse off and follow with one of our Solid Shower Oils.  

Shake well before using, mild separation of botanical extracts is normal.*

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