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Bubble Bars from KALEIDOSOAPS

Solid Bubble Bath

Crumble one of our magical Solid Bubble Baths under your running tap to create luxurious plumes of bubbles to satisfy that fairy-tale life you are craving. Our Solid Bubble Bath collection features sweet, fruity, fresh and woody scents, sure to fit any of your bathing occasions.

Each Solid Bubble Bath creates up to 2-3 baths.

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Green Tea Bubble Bar called Matcha Doing? from KALEIDOSOAPS
Green swirled bubble bar on top of the surface of a green foamy bubble bath.

Matcha Doing?

$11.95   $5.95
Out of stock
Seafoam Bubble Bar from KALEIDOSOAPS

Sea Foam

Black Hearts Bubble Bar from KALEIDOSOAPS
spooky bloody hands holding a black glittery heart shaped bubble bar with a red rose center.

The Dark Hearts

Out of stock
Fuchsia & purple Rose Bubble Bar from KALEIDOSOAPS
Pink bubbles from Rose tango bubble bar

Rose Tango


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