Stop Star - Tub Drain Stopper


  • Orange Star Shaped Bath Tub Drain Stopper from KALEIDOSOAPS
  • Hand placing Orange Star Shaped Drain Stopper in Tub to stop leaking drains
  • Bath Tub with KALEIDOSOAPS Orange Drain Stopper in place.

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 We have all been there at least once - leaky drain, missing drain stopper, or a drain that just won't shutup with it's slow gurgling noise as we try to relax in peace during our magical bath. Say hello to Stop-Star, your saving grace. Simply place this Star shaped bath stopper over the drain before filling your tub. Flexible to adjust to the contours of any tub, and large enough to fit over existing drain stop or open drainpipe forming a suction so no water can escape. 

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